Club Permit Scheme

The Mercedes-Benz Club of Victoria (MBCV) has been authorized by VicRoads to operate the Club Permit Scheme (CPS) for veteran, classic, historic and street rod vehicles.

Before you start: You must apply, be accepted and have received your membership number before you can apply to participate in the CPS.

You must also refer to the VicRoads website for more information about CPS

New CPS application

Mercedes-Benz Club of Victoria requirements for the Club Permit Scheme are:

  • Applicants must be and remain financial members of the MBCV.
  • Cars on the Club Permit Scheme must be registered in the name of the member.
  • Members can have only one non-Mercedes-Benz car on the CPS as long as at least one Mercedes-Benz is either fully registered or retained in the CPS under their membership.
  • The Member MUST advise the CPS Officer ( of the assigned CPS permit number and of any future changes to the registration of the vehicle.

 Part 1: To be paid

  1. Submit a payment through the TryBooking MBCV CPS application deposit site:

The payment consists of:

  • A one-off non-refundable Application fee of $75 for each vehicle.
  • A receipt/ticket for the $100 deposit for each vehicle.

Part 2: To be emailed to

  1. TryBooking receipt from Part 1
  2. Recent high-quality images of the car as attachments and not embedded in your email as per the following criteria:
    1. Photos to include an A4-sized sheet written with the current date and member’s name and membership number (in large block letters) and placed on the vehicle.
    2. The following photographs must be submitted: front, driver’s side, rear, driving position (side on with the driver’s door open)
    3. Vehicle identifiers: VIN and/or chassis numbers; engine number (where possible).

Please note these photos must be approved by the CPS Officer before your VicRoads application form can be signed. Printed hard copy photos will NOT be accepted.


Part 3: To be posted

  1. A current Roadworthy Certificate from an authorised person, not more than thirty days old from date of issue.
  2. A completed VicRoads Club Permit Application form (download form here)
  3. A completed VicRoads Vehicle eligibility and standards declaration for Club Permit vehicles form (download form here)
  4. Any additional documentation mandated by VicRoads, like the Vehicle Assessment Signatory Scheme (VASS) (modified cars only) (see website here)
  5. Stamped, self-addressed envelope.

Do not mail your application directly to the Club address in Ferntree Gully. Mail it to:

MBCV CPS Officer

PO Box 696, Beaconsfield, VIC 3807


  • Members must allow sufficient time for application forms to be processed by the CPS Officer. Please email the CPS officer ( if you have any queries.
  • Once the signed VicRoads forms are returned to the member, the member then submits these with the RWC and the relevant fee to VicRoads for the club permit to be issued. To get what you need for your VicRoads visit, go to the VicRoads webpage reference above, then click on Get a Club Permit and then Step 5: Submit the application.

Upon issuance of CPS permit number

Advise the CPS Officer of your permit number.

  • The TryBooking $100 deposit is fully refunded after the CPS officer is advised of your assigned CPS permit number. The Club will process refund(s) as soon as practical after being advised of your CPS permit number. The $100 deposit is forfeited if you do not advise the Club of your permit number within three months.
  • It is the responsibility of the member to advise the Club Registrar ( of any future changes to that permit number.


CPS Annual Renewal

Please contact VicRoads directly if your CPS renewal form is not received in time.

Please contact one of the Club Signatories to arrange your renewal form to be signed or post to the address below. The CPS Officer and signatories may also be available to sign your renewal documents at the monthly General Meeting.

When sending your renewal to a Club Signatory, please include a stamped self-addressed envelope. Please do not mail your renewal directly to the Club address in Ferntree Gully as it will delay your renewal process considerably.

New CPS applications and renewals (together with a stamped self-addressed envelope) are to be sent to

PO Box 696, Beaconsfield VIC 3807.


Contact details for the CPS Officer and Authorised Signatories can be found at the back page of the Club magazine.