Mercedes-Benz ClubCard

The Mercedes-Benz ClubCard serves as proof of your membership of an authorised Mercedes-Benz Club to Mercedes-Benz and their various partners worldwide. In existence since 2006, the ClubCard is your global admission ticket to the club community. Become a part of this community and your membership will enable you to enjoy the various privileges associated with the MBCV one of the recognised Mercedes-Benz brand clubs.

Detailed information concerning the Mercedes-Benz ClubCard, and the associated offerings are available on the Mercedes-Benz website here

Mercedes-Benz ClubCard Details


All new cards will be in digital format only. Once issued you can download your digital card from the ClubLounge. Existing physical card holders can also download their digital card.

MBCV members can obtain their Mercedes-Benz ClubCard by going to the ClubCard order page here

MBCV ClubCard Order